Would you like your own photographer on staff?

Would you love someone to take care of your photography for you?

Someone who really ‘gets’ what you do, who can come up with suggestions and ideas that fit with your marketing strategy?

Someone who can free that time up for you and take the pain away while producing beautiful images to ‘wow’ your audience?

Pork Fillet with Doddington Dairy's Capability Brown Cheese, served with crispy new potatoes, asparagus and a cider sauce. Photography by Sue Todd Photography.

Does it sound impossible?

What if it was possible?

If you’re interested and the idea grabs you, read on …..

How does it work?

You choose the total amount of my time you need and then we plan into the diary the dates and times that suit you best.  One month you may need more than another month, or you may prefer to shoot once a quarter with just a once yearly planning session.

The great thing here is the flexibility in the program for you.  Your photographer on tap when you need her most, either at a set time regularly or on an ah-hoc basis.

How you use the time is up to you, you can choose pack-shots, lifestyle shots, specific sets of shots for social media or marketing campaigns, stop-go animation, recipe creation …. basically if its linked to food and photography we can do it.

Take a look at some ideas below:

Strategy Session

A strategy session to kick off, where we look at your needs for the year, what your plans are and what you need in the way of imagery to help you achieve this.

Super Food Salad - Farro, harissa sweet potato, pickled peppers, grilled broccoli, avocado and coconut dressing by Searcys. Photography by Sue Todd Photography

Photography when you need it

Right through the year, to provide for catalogs, social media, marketing and advertising.

Imagine not having to stress about creating 30-31 different images for each day of
the month EVERY month and having photography which is on-brand telling the story that your ideal customer wants to hear!
Smoked Chicken Caesar Salad from Searcys at The Alnwick Garden Treehouse - Photography by Sue Todd Photography

All the images you need!

A full range of images to showcase, your products, services, people and venue.

From packshots to beautiful styled lifestyle shots, and images to showcase your venue and your staff.

Funk Kombucha - Photography by Sue Todd Photography.

Ideas on tap!

If you struggle to come up with ideas for how to represent your business then I can help!

Whether you need splashes, cutout images, smoke, things flying through the air, stop motion or just a great creative take on things …. then I can help.

I have a huge repetoire of ideas which you will have access to through working with me.

Pomegranate Cocktail - Geordie Gin - Photography by Sue Todd Photography

Photography Styleguide

Most businesses now have brand guidelines, but its rare that these extend to photography and they should, because it makes a huge difference.

If you don’t already have a style guide, I can help you to define a photography styleguide for your business, ensuring you have a consistent look and feel in all your imagery.

Doddington Dairy's Admiral Collingwood and Asparagus Risotto

Did you know I could create recipes for you?

I research, create and cook recipes for a growing number of my food clients.  This relieves you of a great deal of time and energy and produces a range of beautiful images for you to use to promote your products.

I provide all the props and can shop for any additional ingredients.  Literally you send products to me and I’ll do everything else.

Breakfast outdoors on a beautiful summer's day. Home-made gluten free waffles with fresh fruit and maple syrup. Photography by Sue Todd Photography.
The right photography can make a HUGE difference to your bottom line. It’s so easy to assume that a few quick phone pics will do for the moment, people will understand, and you’ll do something better later. But it doesn’t work that way. We humans vote with our eyes, if you don’t like the photography you use to portray your business, your prospective customers sure won’t either!! That’s a fact.

So if you want to keep people away from your business, keep doing the quick phone images … if you want more customers, and better business then lets chat.

Chatting is free, especially if you’re buying the coffee ..Gluten Free Cake gets extra brownie points and probably extra images but shush don’t tell everyone!

Having your ‘own’ photographer doesn’t need to cost the earth.

Well okay if you want someone full-time 5 days or more a week it might…

But if you need ‘some’ time each month and you know it could transform your business isn’t it worth a shot? (Pardon the pun! Just seemed appropriate …)

I’ve been busy putting together some packages, there aren’t many of them because what I’m talking about is ‘very’ special and I will not over commit, this is really important to me and I know it makes a huge difference to my clients Return On Investment and their bottomline.


What People are Saying

Game Pie from Hadrians Game Larder - Photography by Sue Todd Photography
Sue Todd and I met a while ago on a workshop for business.

I purposefully chose to avoid Sue as I found her work  intimidating. Out of my league… Small budget. Artisan. #fortheloveofgame

First class. All the way. From avoidance to total immersion in what Sue can do for our food.

What Sue has captured in our Game Pies and beyond is outstanding.

Silver Sheldon – Hadrians Game Larder

Our fantastic photographer Sue with even more amazing photos our our awardwinning gin!

Adam Douglas Lamb

Geordie Gin

Geordie Gin - Photography by Sue Todd Photography

But what is it going to cost me??

Well if you employed someone full-time you have their yearly salary of say around £20k plus tax and NI and all the HR issues to sort out re training, company handbook and so on.  You’ll have the worry about whether there’s enough work for them, whether you’ll get the return on invesment….  The list goes on and that’s why so many businesses go it alone and try to make do with shots from their camera not realising that for a small cost they could have all the photography they needed and really set their sales on fire for a fraction of the cost of taking on a member of staff.

NORMALLY 12 full day shoots would come in at £7,200

BUT ……..for a short time I’m holding last years prices to give people a chance to recover from lost business in this current crisis.


Don’t be shy. Let us know if you have any questions, I’ll be happy to chat!


If you’d love regular photography utilising your brand guidelines to just arrive …
Then fill in the form on the right and let’s start the conversation to ensure that your photography is going in the right direction.

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