That’s a sobering thought isn’t it? I’m not sure its one that people necessarily think about, as too often we’re in the moment getting stuff done and it’s all about getting through the day and the to do list.  But if your food photographs aren’t attracting people then its possible that you are chasing people away!!
If you take most/all of your images on a phone without editing them, or you use a particular Instagram filter, then take five minutes please and read this!
The images we use on social media are often our first and only opportunity to hook in that elusive ideal client, and quite often a business isn’t so much worried about the ‘ideal’ client they just want customers through the door.
Super Food Salad. Beautifully presented, with good lighting and composition - key ingredients to a a great food image.

Super Food Salad. Beautifully presented, with good lighting and composition – key ingredients to a a great food image.

BUT, what if your images are repelling your ideal customer?
The truth is they can and will unless you get it right. We all make our mind up about things as we see them with our eyes. If the photos you have don’t make you want to eat or drink what you see or eat at your venue DO NOT post the image!
Sounds simple and perhaps harsh BUT this is your business we’re talking about and the images you use to portray it are so important.
It’s easy to think that anything is better than nothing – that’s so far removed from the truth though. It matters so much more than most people realise. Those first impressions count hugely and they could make the difference between that much needed footfall landing at your door or NOT!
If you’re looking for a new car and you see two adverts featuring the car you are after, one is in front of a really tidy up-market garage and the other is in front of a rather scruffy looking place but they are about the same price, which one will you be drawn too? Most of us would be drawn to the smart place assuming that since they take a pride in their appearance then its going to be a better experience. It might not be that way but …..
It’s just the same with food! If you don’t totally love it, and you have a vested interest after all, why should anyone else?
Good photographs are created they don’t just happen.  It takes time to set up a shot, the lighting needs to be right, the scene needs to tell the right story and the food has to be tempting.  Editing is also so important often.


Do your food photographs look clean and crisp and reflect your brand like this?

Images like this are created and edited to ensure the food catches the eye.

Images like this are created and edited to ensure the food catches the eye.

Or do your food photographs look more like these below?

It’s easy to ‘make do’ and DIY your food photographs but look at the difference between the image above and the two below same food and location, but incorrect lighting, no editing, and generally poor  …. images like this don’t do you or your brand any favours.
Food lit by yellow light is a huge turn off.

Food lit by yellow light is a huge turn off.


Filters can also be huge turn off.

Filters can also be huge turn off.

Which bowl of chillies would you choose to buy?
So many people just take a quick snap and then perhaps telling themselves they’ll get ‘proper’ photos done later just slip this one in for now. It’s a bit like how most people will put off having headshots done, its all about when we’ve lost weight, look younger (??), have time, find more confidence …. the list goes on but these are all reasons we put this off and of course often people think its too costly.
However while of course there’s a cost in getting professional food photography done, there’s also a far better ROI than in just taking a quick snap. If the quick snap is deterring visitors – and they do – how much are you losing day on day, week on week?
What if it didn’t have to be that way? What about when your interactions on social media increase with better images and your sales soar?
If your photos regularly don’t meet your expectations then what can you do?
Firstly I’d suggest you meet with a photographer and explore the options, it may well not be as expensive as you think AND it may well make just the difference your business needs in these uncertain times.
Then, if you do need or want to take images inhouse then get some specialist training that helps you with your particular needs. It’s quite one thing having someone who can take a quick snap, its something else having someone who can do that with your brand in mind and who will ensure the consistency that any brand needs. Brand consistency is so important, and if it wasn’t all the huge corporate brands wouldn’t spend a fortune on doing just that.
But please, if you do one thing after reading this, do take a look at the images you are using and ask yourself would I want to eat this looking at these images, if I didn’t know they were from my business?
Then ….. take action and turn 2020 around. After the year this has been, its even more important to showcase what you do in the best possible way
Choose beautiful food images to enhance your reputation!

Choose beautiful food images to enhance your reputation!

How I can help you

I’m always happy to have a conversation, I don’t do the hard sell, and we have to be the right fit for me to work with you. I don’t believe in taking on any work because its work. We have to fit and I have to feel that I can add value to what you do.
I work with lots of clients across the UK providing beautiful imagery that people want to eat and drink – its what I do and my reason for being.

I also teach, which you may not be aware of. Having worked in catering I understand the pain and I get that there’s not much time and lots of pressure, I can help you to develop a photographic style for your brand if you don’t already have one, and I can help your staff adhere to and increase that brand presence if you do.  Remember beautiful food photographs are an investment that will pay back dividends.

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