Awareness days, National Days, International Days? What do you think about them? Do you like them, use them at every opportunity or do you hate them with a passion? Or maybe you are somewhere in between.

They exist for a reason. Awareness days are generally health and well-being related and exist to increase awareness of the issues people face, while the international ones are to draw attention to larger health and humanitarian issues around the world.  Whoa!  I hear you say.  So what about all the food and drink days, and the dog days and …. the list goes on.  Yep I know, bear with me, keep reading all will be revealed ….

National and International days on the other hand generally are more fun or else are commercially led. Such as World Whisky Day, British Tomato Fortnight or Garden Wildlife Week and the list goes on …. 

Aren’t they a pointless , irritating waste?

It can seem like there are far too many and it can seem rather off putting, and that everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. Used carefully though and they can prove very useful for your business and of course the awareness days can be hugely useful for getting people talking about mental health or injustice for instance.

On the business side of things, they can be useful to promote your business. if you have an egg farm and you don’t make use of World Egg Day to showcase your produce you may be missing a trick!

An appetising promotional image is a surefire way of getting people to want eggs.

Thinking ahead for World Egg Week what better then:  Breakfast of Boiled Eggs, Toast, Marmalade and Fresh Orange Juice. Eggs fresh from The Good Egg Fellas. Photography by Sue Todd Photography.  Make your awareness day posts count, use a professional.

How to use them?

I think they can be a great resource and here’s why I think you ought to consider using them:

  • It can give you ideas to ensure your social media calendar is filled out sufficiently
  • It can give you a talking point where it’s about something you have strong thoughts on
  • It gives you an opportunity to showcase your products/service/business to the world

Any of the above are great reasons for using awareness days.  Some are very much industry honed like those for the food, drink and hospitality trade and as such if your products/services fit then you’ve an ideal hook to use for a special offer or just letting people know what you do and why.

Equally if an awareness day is close to your heart or to soul of your business then showing this to the world is a great thing to do, it shows how the business is ethically and if you can do something along the way to help said cause then that’s even better.


You knew they’d be a but didn’t you?

While I think these can be so, so useful, it’s easy to get carried away.  I believe that you should pick and choose your awareness days carefully and not just try and use them all. Use them all and your message will be diluted, along with your branding and that’s not a good place to be.

Pick ones that are relevant to your business or that are in alignment with the values, objectives and beliefs of your organisation. Then narrow it down if you can again. Centre in on the ones you’ve finally chosen and work out how best to use them for you.

If your business isn’t food related don’t utilise all the food days unless you have a strong affinity with a particular food/day. It can become overkill. Instead choose ones that fit with you and your business.

And finally, how to make the best use of Awareness Days

If you are using them to showcase your products/services then please do not ‘make do’ with stock photography or a quick phone ‘snap’.

It won’t help, and it won’t ‘do’! What it will do is to fail to do you justice and it may prevent you attracting the attention you’d like.  What’s worst is you’ll never know what you missed out on other than you did!

For awareness days and with anything important, showcase what you offer with professional images only!

For awareness days and anything with value to your business ONLY use professional images.  The difference is something you can’t grasp until you’ve done it!

Instead ensure you have professional images created especially for you that really get to the essence of what you want to say! That’s the way to do it properly, and of course if you need any help you know where to find me!

Want to know more about what awareness days are what days are coming up? Try here: