If you’ve not already cleared Christmas away, stop a moment and read this before you put those baubles away.  If you have, it all still applies on the whole.

Grab a bit of paper or scribble yourself a digital note and write down what worked well for you on social media this Christmas, what didn’t and what you’d like to change up next year.  Do the same with regard to your photography!  What worked? What truly didn’t? What you want to do better with next year?

This will take just minutes but if you do it now, put the note in a safe place and make a note of where it is in your diary (on the date you intend to start planning for Christmas 24) then you’ll have it hand when you need it and you’ll have started to prep already!  Do that and give yourself a pat on the back as you’ll be one of the very small percentage who think and plan ahead carefully.  Believe me it makes such a difference later, it really does!

This is also a good opportunity to pick up some new cheap props in the shops – they’ll be eager to sell off all their Christmas stock so you can generally pick up a few bargains ready for the year ahead.  This will save you time, energy and money later in the year!  It’s good to change things up and have new things to use in your photography.

Incidentally it can also be a great opportunity for a clear out, getting rid of those baubles and ornaments that aren’t being used anymore, getting shot of all those spare cards (the ones you don’t like enough to send to anyone, but feel guilty about) into the recycling bin.  Then next year everything will be sorted and organised and you’ll be so grateful to your past self for having cared! 

Last year for the first time as we took our artificial tree down we tied all the sets of branches together so that we didn’t have to play the awful sorting game we’ve done for years and trying to work out which is which.  Bliss!!  Didn’t take long and is so much easier now.  Just wondering why we didn’t do it earlier.

Also think about scheduling your Christmas Photography in NOW!  I don’t mean like next week but …..  Yes I know it’s the first week of January, but how many times do you find yourself in the run up to Christmas with far too much still to do and stressed out from having to fly by the seat of your pants with social media posts??  You aren’t alone, it happens to most people I think.  Don’t be most people, get smart and get calm for next year knowing it’s all in hand.

AND …. if you want to really get into planning your year and your photography then go grab yourself a copy of my 2024 Social Media Calendar – prepared with 365 post suggestions and so, so much more.

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