The next thing to consider when contemplating photography for your business in 2021 are behind the scenes shots.

Whenever I mention behind the scenes shots, people tend to look at me and say ‘really? Do you think anyone would be interested?’ The answer has to be ‘HELL YES!!!”

What are they?

People LOVE these shots. They give an insight into what you do and how you do it. For a huge number of people the production of food and drink isn’t something they know a lot about. We buy from shelves in stores, some of us cook at home, others don’t. How it gets to the store is for a lot of people akin to magic or else they have no idea, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t interested.




Behind the scenes on a burger shoot.

This behind the scenes shot was the setup for a burger shoot, showing how I plan and set up each and every shot.

And this was the final shot resulting from the planning

And this was the final shot resulting from the planning. Goat Burger Stack with fresh goat mince from The Goat Company, served in a Brioche bun, with lettuce, mayo, cheese, bacon, tomato and gherkin with a basket of chips and a glass of lager.

Showing the process from start to finish especially with artisan products that require a lot of input, demonstrates the time and love that goes into production. Showcasing old tools and even new tools, methods of work and more opens a view into another world, which can be intriguing but which also illustrates why your product is what it is, and why.

We can tell people things all day, but when we show them, it opens up a whole new world.

Behind the scenes with The Northumberland Spirit Company.

Behind the scenes with The Northumberland Spirit Company, showing how the bottles are hand sealed in wax.

I will hold my hands up now and say I’ve been very guilty on this account, and it’s only recently I realised that there was such value in sharing what I do, how I do it and why. But I’ve had such lovely comments from people about it too and great interactions on social media, which is what we all want isn’t it?

Why are behind the scenes shots so important?

It’s insights like this that let people in, that make us more human in their eyes, that offers a window into something different. Why would you not want to use this?

A view of my screen mid shoot.

This is a behind the scenes shot of my screen in the studio mid shoot a few weeks ago. It got a lot of reactions on social media.

The next question I hear is generally ‘but what would interest people about what I do?’

So the answer …

What lights you up about what you do? Is it the old tools you have had handed down, or you bought that are wonderful to work with? Is it seeing the produce all laid out, is it the process that you go through to produce that gives you a thrill?  This is exactly what to use in your behind the scenes shots.

When I shoot with someone, the things look out for here are the things you love about what you do but which you generally reckon no one else would give a stuff about. The fact is that us humans are a funny lot and we’re nosey too, we like to know what people do and how … So feed that need, tell that story, tell why you do what you do through pictures. Those behind the scenes images are gold!

This is Anthony Cook garnishing a cocktail.

Taken in the studio a BTS (Behind the scenes) shot of Anthony Cook putting the finishing touches to the garnish on a cocktail.

Further Action:

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