Did you know I had a newsletter? I’ll bet you don’t as it’s something I just started in the final quarter of 2023. I’d been putting it off for ages.

All I could think of was, ‘what on earth do I have to say?’, ‘who will want to read it?’, and of course deep down was the thought of is it actually going to be worth the effort? Well the truth speaks for itself, yes I think it is a good idea, it has been well received on the whole and I’ve had some lovely feed back. Enough that I’ll keep it going and build on it.

I’d like another name for it but I’ve not come up with one yet, so if you’ve any suggestions, add them to the comments below. Keep it clean and kind though please.

Do you do a newsletter?

Do you read actual newsletters that hit your inbox? Or do you press delete or just ignore them? I’m interested to know. Do you have ones you’d recommend?

I’ve been a great one for hoarding emails, don’t ask why, I’m not sure I even have an answer. And my unread email count was approximately 72K just a few months back. That’s down now to just over 5K and falling fast as in-box zero comes to play this January.

But some I really love and really do wait for their arrival. My favourite one is from Medium and it hits my inbox each morning between 6 and 7 am. I rarely miss reading this, it’s always got a book mention or some software that catches my eye and off I go. I love newsletters that make me wonder or give me something to research into.

But I’m also good at signing up to things and then not bothering to read them and have them fill my inbox.
I generally with the exception of the Medium one, hate daily newsletters and sometimes weekly ones are too much as well.

If you subscribe to mine you don’t need to worry about being flooded with emails, at most you’ll get one a month.

With mine, I’m trying to make it interesting especially to those in the food, drink & hospitality industry as that’s where most of my clients are. So each month I’ll give the low down on the food and drink awareness days that are coming up and I’ll throw in some hints for social media or photography for the month ahead too. I know that coming up with ideas on a constant basis can be tricky so I like to help where I can.

I’ll also be detailing any special offers I have through the year as well as the odd case study, links to blog posts and more, as well as any workshop dates coming up and anything else I hear of like those precious funding streams.

So if you’ve not signed up yet, why not come and do that right now? It’d be great to have you along for the journey this year. Also if we aren’t connected over on LinkedIn, come and join me there.

If you are still planning imagery for 2023 you might like my blog planning and why Professional Photography is essential to business growth., and if you’d like to talk about working with me, do reach out, I’ve some space in the first quarter but it’s filling up fast.