My heart skips a beat when I hear others say ‘yes I/we can do that’, equally I can feel my zest for life plunge into an abyss when I hear someone say, that I/we/they ‘can’t do’ x, y z. So occasionally this might be true, for instance going for a swim in a rushing river that’s burst its banks, jumping out of a plane without a parachute and so on. But there are so many other things in life that people dismiss without it seems to me a lot of thought and say ‘that can’t be done’. But often it can ….

I think a ‘can do’ attitude is so important, it helps me get through the day, it’s key to achieving my goals and it’s a great way to set yourself apart from others.

Beautiful bespoke imagery that only a professional can create.

Beautiful bespoke imagery that only a professional can create can really set you apart.

I very much have a ‘Can Do’ attitude and it’s something that I feel so strongly about that I’m convinced I was born with it.

I remember at age 4 with abject horror being told I ‘had to go to school “every day” until I was 16 – for some reason my poor deluded teacher thought that would persuade me it was a good idea. Was she ever wrong!

She backed this up by explaining that I needed to learn to read and write and I’d have all these other children to play with. She was far from impressed with my response that I had no need of these ‘others’ and that since I could already read and write I’d just go now thank you.

I was told in no uncertain terms that I couldn’t leave, that that wasn’t possible, and I’d be at school daily until I was sixteen. I could count well and that seemed like an eternity so that didn’t go down well and I spent the ensuing years trying to extricate myself from this ‘prison’ as I always saw it.

The moment anyone says ‘oh but you can’t do that’, or that isn’t possible I can feel that same indignation rising. I can and I will are my mantra, sure I might not immediately know the solution but I sure as hell will find one or a damn good work around.

I tend to work at quite a pace and I find it tricky to be around others that don’t. I remember in my past working life, in VR and haptics being asked if we could create a medical simulator to train medics on needle insertion with the ability to ‘feel’ the procedure. Yes was the answer, and no, right then we weren’t entirely sure how it would work but we were 100% certain we could. We did and went on to do more.

So now when someone says to me ‘is x possible’ or ‘it would be so good to do y but it’s not possible’ then my ears prick up as it immediately sounds like something I’d like to take on.

On being told we’d need to abandon a Christmas shoot a couple of years back as the scene we’d planned was no longer available, I asked for five minutes to think and then created Christmas in a bare room with wood walls where you could actually believe that such a thing was not at all possible, only I wasn’t being beaten and we did indeed do Christmas beautifully.

Christmas Star Biscuits with pretty lights behind.

Christmas Star Biscuits with pretty lights behind.

I didn’t have anywhere to set up a water scene earlier this summer so we built our own water tray at the size we needed it. And just this week I needed a nice fireplace and the planned one wasn’t available so I built one from the ground up and decorated it ready for the Christmas scene I needed.  Need a nice fresh garland to put round the fireplace? Yes I can do that.  Not done it before but …. I can and I will and I did!

Behind the Scenes iPhone shot of the water tray in use.

Behind the Scenes iPhone shot of the water tray in use.

I annoy the hell out of my long suffering OH who will occasionally say ‘this isn’t going to work, there’s no way to do x, y or z’. The fast retort is always ‘ NO there is a way we just haven’t found it yet, so we need to get busy’.

The satisfaction derived from turning “can’t” into “done” is utterly blissful. Do you have a ‘Can Do’ attitude? Do you find it helps you in your work and day to day life?

So come work with me, you’ll get beautiful images, a raft of knowledge, and incredible determination to achieve the best possible results all down to my ‘Can Do’ attitude. Get in touch now to explore what I can offer you and the ideas I can bring you.  If you’d like to see how my work is received by others, come over to my LinkedIn Profile to see.