I’ve seen some amazing products in my time as a photographer and some amazing food, sadly not all of them had photos that scream ‘eat me’.   If your food and drink images don’t scream ‘eat me’ then you are seriously missing a trick.
Where a great deal of thought has gone into production, the appearance, branding etc but then everything is jeopardised with bad photography that doesn’t do your work justice. And it’s such a shame! I often wonder if they realise just how much they could be missing out on. It always feels like such a waste.
I remember passing a pizza place some time ago and seeing someone shooting what was essentially ‘dead food’. The plates of pizza were all lined up waiting to be shot. All cooling, congealing and looking less and less appetising for the camera by the moment. Such a wasted opportunity. I was desperate to run in and say stop, this isn’t how to do it. BUT, not my client, not my work, not my business!  Those images were never gonna scream ‘eat me’.  Such a shame.
Eat me, or drink me, is the key message your imagery needs to deliver. Watermelon Gin Cocktail with Watermelon & Liquorice Gin. Sue Todd Photography

Eat Me Or Drink Me – is the key message your imagery needs to send out.  Watermelon Gin Cocktail with Watermelon & Liquorice Gin. Sue Todd Photography

Badly lit images, direct flash from the wrong angle – all of these can ruin the vision you want to convey, it could seriously damage your ROI. But some people never get that and it’s such a waste.
The right angle, the right light, a super composition and the knowledge of how to shoot for the look you want, well, that comes with experience. You won’t find it built into your mobile phone or the camera that is set to automatically take the correct exposure for you. That correct exposure is one calculated by the the manufacturer and it may be quite different to what you need to showcase your work.  And while you might love that particular background or prop, if it takes the limelight from your food or clashes with it or dwarfs it, then it’s not the right combination.
There’s nothing wrong in not knowing what to do with your camera, you are a master of what you do, and a photographer is the master of their genre too. While a photographer often shoots a variety of different genre, some genres like food are way more specialist.
You may have a friend who shoots family portraits and is brilliant at it but if they don’t regularly shoot food they are going to struggle as there’s some very tricky aspects to it. It’s as much science as art and a knowledge of food is important. Personally I think the ability to cook and the knowledge of the cooking process is also essential.

Online you tend to get one chance to impress, just one, and it can be over in seconds.  Then they are gone never to return.

If your imagery isn’t packing a punch and demanding to be seen, if it’s not screaming ‘eat me’, then it’s not working for you.

Worse still if your photography isn’t well thought out and polished, if it’s not in keeping with your branding then they won’t read the carefully crafted wording you spent so long on, they won’t know the history and story of your business, they’ll be merely passing on to the next site.

If you take nothing else from this, think about the images you are using, if it doesn’t impress you it’s not going to impress anyone else and it might just be seriously jeopardising your income.

If you’d like some photographs done for you that do scream ‘eat me’, then give me a call and by all means come on over to LinkedIn and see how my imagery goes down there.