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I’m looking to help a small number of food producers/suppliers in the North East who currently don’t use a professional photographer and who feel that their photography is letting their business down OR any food / drink / hospitality provider that has been hit by Covid 19.

So whether you are a commercial food producer, a bar, cafe, restaurant or hotel – or anything else I’ve missed, this is for you if you don’t have any professional photography right now or you really could do with a bit of help to get things moving again.

Business people spend a huge amount of time and money perfecting their offering to the world but then very often find the budget has gone and they resort to some snaps taken with an iphone.  Sometimes this works and don’t get me wrong if you are producing good pictures that work for you then fine.  I’m looking for people who have everything in place except the photography.

I’m offering a cut price deal to have a full set of professional photographs taken especially to suit your brand.  It’s my way of helping out in the current awful situation that we have, its my way of giving back to the industry I love to supply.

How I work.

I can only take a limited amount of people on this call out because it is very labour intensive from my end which is why I also can’t do it for free, plus just like you I need to eat as well.

While it may look like your photographer shows up for a time takes photos, downloads them and sends them back a bit later, in actual fact there’s a lot more involved – well there is when its us anyway.

I like to have a plan before we shoot, so we ask lots of questions and plan the shoot to fit the brief, I select the kit I need for the shoot the day before.  I do the shoot, generally shooting tethered so I can check on the screen that I have the results I want.  Then I come back to the studio, back up and download to Lightroom and Photoshop and that’s where the work really begins.

Shooting close in with good kit means every tiny blemish that the naked eye can’t see stands out like a sore thumb and that really doesn’t look good on the imagery that you want to use to sell your brand to the world.  So specs of dust etc all have to be removed.  There can be the same amount of time spent in post production as there was in shooting.  So you’ll be getting all of that and the social media engagement for a really knock down price, so act quickly as there are very limited numbers I can cater for.

How it will work currently  …

With coronovirus, I can’t come to you and you can’t come to me for photography.  BUT … you can send me product to shoot for you OR I can take a booking now for the future on payment for the shoot now.  The choice is yours.

My studio is at home and I am therefore able to work and I’m loving being able to help people out at this time and keep going myself too.

You’ll get:

  • a pre-consult session to discuss what is needed where I’ll ask lots of questions to help us both to the right results
  • 1 x Full set of print res images – fully edited and ready for use
  • 1 x Full set of web res images – fully edited and ready for use
  • All images taken professionally and edited in post production
  • Images taken with social media in mind – for banners, posts etc
  • A plan to use the new images in social media with some help on how to use #hashtags if needed
  • A blog post about your business and what we’ve done together and an Instagram takeover where we use your photos and stories on my instagram account for a week.

I want to work with people who really want to make a difference to their business and ramp up the results 2020 after the shocking start we’ve all had and I’m looking to be able to show demonstrable results from our project together that we can both use.

I’m looking for some before and after images that I can use for a separate project I have planned and also for some great shots to use in my own portfolio this coming year, so obviously you’ll have to be happy for me to do this to take part in the call out.

So if you plan to get more footfall into your food business this year, and you really want to make a go of it, please get in touch.

What does it cost?


For Less than half the price of a normal shoot you get the full shoot with blog and social media coverage for a week as well.

£150 for a half day.

£300 for a full day.

It will need some input from you so I’d need you to be available for the duration of the shoot.

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