One of the questions I get asked a lot is ‘how many images do I need?’ Sometimes people think all they need is just one good clean image of each product and that that’s the job done.

It isn’t!

If one of the things you sell is a tin of Heinz beans then yes, everyone knows what they are, then one photo will be enough, but for anything else …. read on …


Packshots are important, and they need to be clean and crisp, but just one image is rarely enough! 

Sometimes something a little bit different can be just the ticket! Don’t be afraid of using your brand colours and thinking differently. What can show off your USP to be best advantage for instance?


Look at your competition

By all means look at your competitors to see what they are doing, but please look at the right competitors, don’t look at people doing exactly the same as you and who are in exactly the same place as you. Take an aspirational view, which companies do you admire? Which ones would you like to be? What are they doing? Who are your customers? Are you targeting your ideal customers correctly? Or are you putting them off? If you are targeting high profile customers who shop at the like of Harrods but what you are offering isn’t oozing with the same sort of appeal, they aren’t going to come rushing …..

How many images do other people use?

When you visit a website and there’s just one image of each product what does that tell you? That their product sells itself and doesn’t need any more images? NOPE, that’s not the answer. The fact is it says they either don’t care enough to show you more or they are too tight to spend on marketing their product. Either way it doesn’t look good does it.
If you sign up to sell on Amazon or Etsy you’ll find they are quite prescriptive about what they want in the way of images. Always a ‘hero’ shot on white and then a total of 5 or 6 images as a minimum. Why? Well it’s not because they want to bankrupt you having images done, it’s because they’ve got the data that says that’s what it takes to sell products!! And selling product is very much what both organisations are after doing.

How, When and Where might people enjoy your product?  Think about and provide some inspiration to get them thinking! 

Big Brands always use lots of images

If you visit any leading brands websites you’ll generally find a host of imagery. This has become ever more important over lockdown, we’ve not been able to get out to shops, we’ve been buying online. We want to know what we’re buying is right before we part with our hard earned cash. So the smart move is plenty of images, different angles, different uses of the product, close up detailed shots illustrating the quality, basically giving the buyer all the visual information they need in order to buy. Because we buy with our eyes first!

So, how many images do you need?

You can have the slickest check out process, the most compelling copy, but if your imagery doesn’t capture your prospective customers interest, it’s all for nothing as they’ve already passed you by and gone elsewhere.
So one image of a product really isn’t enough in most cases. If that’s where you are then it may be time for a re-think.
Sure you need an overall product shot, but you need to showcase the intricate details, whether that’s the outstanding design on the packaging or how good that food looks up close. Then you also need to set the scene and show examples of your product in use suggesting a great experience or a relaxing experience or perhaps a great time or stress saving experience.
An appetising promotional image is a surefire way of getting people to want eggs.

Breakfast of Boiled Eggs, Toast, Marmalade and Fresh Orange Juice. Eggs fresh from The Good Egg Fellas. Photography by Sue Todd Photography.

So rather than just looking at your food or drink product and thinking one packshot will do the job look at things differently, look at it from your customer’s perspective, if you were in their shoes and didn’t know your product as you do, what would you want to know? What reassurances of quality would you be looking for? Are there uses for your product that may not automatically occur to people that you can suggest?

So you’ve got the main images in the bag, what next?

So you might have all the main images you needed sorted now, at least in your head.  But what about social media?  And what about some shots that you can use on your website generally or for marketing purposes?  What about the odd jaw droppingly beautiful, stop you in your tracks image that will get people talking about you?  Did you miss those off your list?
Beautiful Tea from the Tea Enthusiastis illustrating that images don't happen they are created.

Beautiful tea from the Tea Enthusiasts, illustrating that beautiful images don’t happen, they are created! What would help your company images stand out?

Really special images don’t just happen they are created!
Beautiful bespoke imagery that only a professional can create.

Beautiful bespoke imagery that only a professional can create can really set you apart.

Next steps?

If you’d like a fresh pair of eyes to look at what you do and give ideas on what you could do to attract more customers from your target market then give me a call. I don’t charge for a call and I don’t do the hard sell either (you can ask anyone who knows me) so you can breathe easily on that score.