When it comes to your business don’t sacrifice sales and your brand perception by using poor DIY photography.  There’s an assumption often that anything is better than nothing, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The truth is that DIY photography is just that, it’s a huge turnoff to viewers and rather than bringing in sales it’s more likely to stop sales!!  Imagine the impact that will have on your business.

I see so many businesses just starting out who think that a DIY approach to photography is the way to go until the sales come in.  The sad fact is that DIY photography can’t be relied upon to bring in those much needed sales and indeed it is more likely to do just the opposite and really put people off.  Now you may feel you can’t afford photography but can you afford to lose customers??  Have you thought about the negative effects poor photography will have (not could have!!!) on your business?

A bad first impression won’t allow for second chances

The fact is that we humans are fickle and we judge on appearances, if we are searching for ideas and your photography comes up, we’ll make a quick snap decision within seconds of whether to look further or move on.  Those few seconds are all you have to win people over.

Poor imagery will not stop them in their tracks, they’ll move straight on by.  What’s worse is we’ll probably mention the bad photography to others ….  That’s not going to help your brand values or your sales is it?    All for the sake of saving a few pennies!

You have one chance – you imagery needs to be beautiful, consistent, show-stopping and it needs to fill people with desire and stop them in their tracks.  Otherwise it’s a liability!

Your imagery is your brand showcase

If your bad photography is all that would be clients can view, it’s not going to showcase your ‘brand’ well.  Badly lit, badly composed images that don’t tell a story doesn’t reflect the work of a brand that is about quality and fine food or dining – it negates the whole thing.  So don’t be so eager to get your brand out there – make sure you are doing it justice first!

You need photographs that are professionally taken, reflect your brand values, are clean and polished, well composed and beautifully lit.  You need to guard the impressions your brand makes in the world and be uber careful about what makes the cut to go live.

Your photography has to help build trust

In order to buy, most of us need 3 things.  We need to ‘know’, ‘like’ and ‘trust’ a brand on whole before we buy. 

Imagery is one of the things that help with this building of trust.  You need to know that what you see is what you get.  Sure the big fast food brands get away with showing fabulous pictures of food that doesn’t exactly look like what you get but …. they are the exception to the rule.

Poor photography won’t help build trust.  Sometimes businesses use stock photography instead of their own images, this is often obvious and actually breeds distrust rather than trust – where would you like brand to be in this regard? 

Your imagery needs to tell stories

As humans we love stories, we start hearing them as children and in later life we are glued to different TV series as we’re still into hearing and seeing stories.  But just as you won’t watch a bad film that doesn’t have a good story line, you’ll also move away from imagery that conveys either no story or a very muddled one.

Your photography is an excellent way to tell stories and draw people in but it needs to be done very carefully and choreography is so important.  The right props, the right backgrounds, all clean and well lit, the right angles and so much more.  There’s a lot to it and getting it right makes the world of difference.

DIY photography wastes time and has a higher cost

Did you know that the overall cost of DIY photography can be so much higher than simply paying a photographer to come and do it for you?

Think of all the time you spend trying to get images for your business, all time where you could be working ‘on’ not ‘in’ your business at your own hourly charge.  What about the stress involved in trying to get it right? 

Then think of all the lost sales because the DIY photography isn’t good enough and is ensuring people turn away rather than engaging with your brand.  Can you put a price on that?

The solution? Hire the right photographer!

The investment in photography (and it is an investment, not a cost) can be worth its weight in gold several times over.  With careful planning and staging you can be armed with between a month and a quarter’s worth of images to use in your business for social media and PR purposes on an ongoing basis. 

Imagine having a ready to use image bank to fulfil all your ongoing needs? Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Especially when that photography is designed to:

  • Fit your brand
  • Tell your story
  • Look polished, clean and professional
  • Create emotion and desire in those seeing your finished images
  • Look consistent
  • Build trust and encourage engagement
  • Set you apart from others

And it didn’t take up hours of your time and stress you out needlessly?

Are you ready to make a move and look at upping your photography game?  Then give me a call.