Well here we are a whole six months into 2024! Just Wow!

It’s simply sped over, don’t you think? It seems like yesterday it was the 1st January with so much to do and so many options lying ahead! So have you done all you had planned so far? Have you come even close?

In a world that’s more unpredictable than ever before its easy to lose focus. But that doesn’t help us hold on to what we need to do, so take a deep breath and let’s have a look at the month ahead.

It’s time to check in and ask where we are in our plans, what have we achieved and where have we fallen short of what we expected of ourselves. It’s also time to pick ourselves up if we think we’ve really lost the plot, give ourselves a shake and start all over again as I think the words of the song go??

Despite all the doom and gloom I am loving this year. I’m refocusing on a personal and a business level and concentrating slowly but surely on all the things that really matter and carving out a real plan to carry me forwards. What about you?

Next week at this great half way point, I’m taking the week out, I’ll actually be doggie/puppy sitting but also using this time to get some real deep work done in between the doggie walks, doggie entertainment and doggie despair moments (with a young very chewy puppy even I’m not optimistic enough to think the week ahead will be plain sailing. I just hope all my computer cables make it through!).

What’s this all got to do with photography?


A colourful salad bowl and the words Better Food Photography Workshops


Well …. now you ask … Have you got your next six months worth of photography planned out? Have you got your social media planned out and the images you’ll need for that?

Do you realise how much easier your life would be if you didn’t have to worry about getting images ready on a daily basis? Imagine the relief you’d feel if you had the next six months social media posts and the images to support them ready to go and you were freed up to think of other things!!! Wouldn’t that be bliss?

If you’ve already gotten this far then why are you still here? For the rest of us … I have help in abundance …

Come along to one of my forthcoming FREE Food Photography workshops and pick up some great hints and tips to help you on your way.  There are two Better Food Photography for your Food, Drink or Hospitality Business Workshops planned so far.

No, you won’t walk away from this 3 hour workshop as a professional photographer or anywhere close BUT you will have a far better idea of what to do and what to produce for your business than you do now. You’ll have a different mindset when it comes to looking at photography.

This might mean you get an urge to splurge on props and backdrops, so apologies in advance BUT the upside is you’ll have a way better idea of what will work for you and your brand too!

Want to know more ….?  See Below …

Lamb with roasted veggies on a white plate with gravy being poured over. The words 'Come and Join Me' at the base of the frame.


Workshop Details

Two FREE FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS coming up in July, courtesy of BIPC and delivered by me.


Tuesday July 9th 10am-1pm
The Town Hall Chambers Business Centre & Conference Space, High Street East The Grand Chamber Wallsend NE28 7AT


Thu, 25 Jul 2024 , 10am – 1pm
Catherine Cookson Room – The Word, Market Place South Shields NE33 1JF


Follow my hashtag #suetoddphotography on LinkedIn for more news, hints and tips on photography but you can also find me on Facebook and Instagram, and of course you can reach out to me here too.