I was asked how I shot this image of pancakes.  Indeed people often ask me ‘how did you do that’? Normally the answer is ‘very carefully’.

I thought it might be nice to start sharing some behind the scenes stories.

The fact is that food photography isn’t just a case of plonking a plate on a table and taking a quick phone shot. It can be if quality isn’t an issue to you and creating desire for your food isn’t important.

But when getting interest in your food – and I mean ‘real’ interest is important for the purpose of driving ‘SALES’ than nothing less than great photography is going to cut it.

That’s when I like to get a bit creative and the studio has been so busy lately there’s not been much time for that, so I’m working on freeing up more time for creative work this year.

These pancakes were such fun to shoot.

Normally I’d have made the pancakes, because after all, once a caterer, always a caterer and I love to do the whole thing, start to finish. But time was short, so the pancakes came from the supermarket – apologies.

I’d drawn out what I wanted to do. NO!!! I’m not sharing that drawing, I’m a photographer not an artist and you probably won’t find anything recognisable in the drawing lol. Suffice that it made sense to me.

Pancakes being dressed for the shot. With wooden skewers in place to support them.

Pancakes being dressed for the shot. With wooden skewers in place to support them. (Unedited!) 

But the idea was pancakes falling to the plate with blueberries falling too. The difficulty was these were weapons grade pancakes and very heavy! You’d not want to be on the receiving end I tell you!

So the pancakes and the blueberries would never fall at the same rate, which meant capturing what I wanted could be tricky and end up very costly on the pancake front. So it had to be staged. So wooden skewers were the answer, and a little white tack when the pancake proved too heavy.

Once the pancakes were in situ, it was time to add blueberries - carefully!

Once the pancakes were in situ, it was time to add blueberries – carefully! (Unedited)

Before we started the scene was laid out and tested and a background shot was taken as starting point and as something to be used to eradicate unwanted items later.

To ensure the blueberries were where I need them, they too went on to skewers or cocktail sticks as shown.  Test shots were taken all the way through from the start, to check lighting, positioning and more.  Sticks, crumbs bluetack and more are all removed in post once the final shot is in the bag.

Once everything was balanced and where I wanted it to be, another shot was taken as a reference and to use if we needed to recover detail lost through the throwing of Maple Syrup.

Pancakes, blueberries and maple syrup in motion. A peek behind the scenes in my studio.

Pancakes, blueberries & Maple Syrup in Motion. The FINAL IMAGE.

I love it when I get the opportunity to have free expression with food and to try something different. There’s not always time to do this for myself as the studio is so busy. But every now and then you come across a client where you have full synergy and they let you loose to be creative and then great things happen!

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