I’d suggest that for many photography is an expense they are trying to justify not spending on. But I’d like to make the point that while you see it as an expense it really ought to be viewed as an Investment, a really important one at that.
Building a product/business is expensive, I totally get that, running a business is expensive too, I concur.

However there are things where corners should not be cut, and photography, is, whether you like it or not one of them.

If you get the cheapest accountant then the chances are you’ll not get the best support, and that could cost you money you can ill afford. Photography works the same way. The images you use to attract people in are nothing more than a liability causing damage unless they do actually attract people in. Making do WILL harm your business.  INVESTING in fabulous photography is a way to build your business.

So what does having your own photographer in house cost?

Obviously it varies, according to the experience and expertise of who you choose to work with. But let’s for arguments sake you wanted your own in-house photographer.

Then yes, that’s gonna feel possibly like an expense too far, for many. You’d be looking at a salary of around £20 – £25k for starters, then you’d need space for them to work and the kit for them to use. Good kit is going to set you back a fair whack too. So let’s round things up and say £15k for kit – that’s on the tight side though. Now we’re up to £40k before you get close to a finished image.

Those costs will be ongoing to, more backdrops, more props, replacement/better kit. To say nothing of ongoing salary and the employer costs on top of the actual salary.

Yes that’s expensive for what you see as a few photos.  And unless you’ve the work to quantify it, then it would also be a bad investment.

However, don’t under-estimate the power of imagery. Big corporates with their shareholders aren’t fond of wasting cash that they could take in dividends, but they all have big budgets for photography because they understand it’s worth.  But lots of them also hire in the people they need as they need them, rather than have them in-house.

So what is the alternative?

Well you can go it alone and DIY the images or you can pull in a professional photographer.  Many people choose the DIY route in the mistaken belief that it’s the best option and that it will ‘do’ until they can afford a photographer.

But the truth is that:

a) going it alone is a recipe for total disaster and
b) there’s always going to be something else that gets in the way, that you feel you need first.

Your marketing and sales will suffer in consequence.

The DIY route – more of an expense than you think!

Admittedly there’ll be folks out there who know how to take a photo and may manage. If you are one of them, then I’m not sure why you are still here. But to be totally frank, most don’t. Most folk don’t have a clue. Sure we can all take quick snaps, the internet is full of them. But there’s a stark difference between a quick snap and a professional image that really gets the point of your products and services across.

So you go it alone. Will a phone do? Actually that’s what you have, so the phone has to do. Do you know about lighting and composition? – Well that can all come later when we get proper photos done. We just need to get the point across and people will come in droves.  The product will sell itself …

Except of course it doesn’t and won’t.


That’ll be because you’ve gone off half-prepared if that, and the images you’ve got don’t do you or your products justice.  How much is that costing you every single day, week, month and year?

Bad imagery or even just ‘ok’ imagery doesn’t make your product sing, it doesn’t fill people with desire and THAT is what you need.


So much, that they’ll come place an order. If your images aren’t doing that, then you’re short changing yourself and your business. You’re selling yourself short.

Also how long does it take you to do these images? If it’s less than 5 minutes please re-read the previous paragraph, truly sales worthy images are not created in 5 minutes.  What stress is involved?

If you struggle for ages to get one image, how much time has just gone that could have been put to better use working ‘on’ your business doing what you actually know really well, rather than struggling to put a ‘will have to do’ image together? If you get good images then great, but I bet it takes you a long while. Then do you edit them? In my experience most DIY product photographers don’t do any editing. That too can make a huge difference to how your business is portrayed.

All this to save expense, but how much of your valuable time has just been lost?  And if instead you’d made that investment what difference could it have made?

So the other alternative is … To hire ME!! (other food and drink photographers do exist).

After years in catering, I get your pain, I know the need to be continuously pushing forwards. As a total foodie I also know what makes people drool over food images and that’s what you actually want isn’t it? You want everyone talking about your food. You want to be held in high regard and held as memorable as M & S for their ‘it’s not just any …’ adverts.

It doesn’t have to break the bank, indeed it can really help fill the bank – and wouldn’t that be nice?  That sounds like an expense worth having!

It’s never a case of one set of photos and that’s it. The need for imagery doesn’t cease. But what we can do is work together to ensure that you have regular updates and a constant supply of new images that echo your brand values and scream ‘EAT ME NOW’. Prices start from just £350 which might just be your smartest investment to date. Go on give me a call and let’s discuss what I could do for you.

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