Like most businesses, Food, Drink and Hospitality companies all have promotions throughout the year. BUT while the promotions themselves are likely planned well in advance, the images to go with them aren’t always. An exception to this are the main seasonal ones, which is why so many photographers in the trade shoot Christmas in June/July.

What about the other things you promote during the year though? Do they get the same attention? They should! Giving them some real star attention can mean that instead of doing ‘just’ okay your promotions are sell out successes each and every time.

What difference would that make to your business?

Promotional Images that make your prospective clients hungry are key to success.

Promotional Images that make your prospective clients hungry are key to success.

So let’s say you decide to host a BBQ each Friday and Saturday through the summer. Do you simply re-use an existing shot, find something on a stock photography site or just take a quick ‘snap’ with your phone? Let me tell you now, that while these may work to an extent they are not going to work as well as something created specifically for the purpose of promoting your event will. They won’t even come close.

Quite often its these promotions that are left to the last minute but they are just as important as everything else. Like anything else the more planning that goes into them the bigger the return on investment. So having the right imagery that gets across the story, the desire to be there, the hunger for the food, the fear of missing out if you don’t get there, is all important. Don’t risk failure by not getting the right images to tell the story with.

It’s like anything else you get what you pay for. Imagery carefully thought out and beautifully captured will catch the eyes and actually attract more eyes, than any quick snap will do, even if you think your snap ‘might do’. ‘Might do’ rarely ‘does’ do at all. Why take chances?

And yes you may think you are playing safe with stock photography, but the thing with stock photography of course is that it’s not just you using it! You need to stand out not look like everyone else.

It’s also worth while getting your photographer involved at the planning stage. You may know exactly what you want for all your promotions, but a fresh pair of eyes and a whole world of knowledge and expertise is sitting there and could well contribute some great ideas to the cooking pot – and you’ll never know what you missed out on if you don’t ask.

Great promotional food images are the ones that make you feel hungry!

Great promotional food images are the ones that make you feel hungry! Like this Goat Burger Stack with fresh goat mince from The Goat Company.

Make sure you know at the outset what the images have to do. Again it’s not just any old burger night, it’s ‘YOUR” burger night, SO …
• what’s special about it?
• What makes your burger night the place to be seen at?
• What is it about your burgers that makes them especially desirable.
And the same applies to any promotion you do, you need to clarify the purpose of the images before you start.

Hone in on this and you have the story that your photographer can work with to to produce the ideal images for your promotion. But these questions and thinking about them can mean the success or failure of your promotion. Don’t settle for just any old image, go for images that speak volumes to the prospective clients who are going to see them!

If you’re busy planning for a full reopening in May, there’s still time to get some professional images done, but don’t hang about slots are going fast and I’ve only got a couple left. If you’d like one shout up fast!

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