You are going to hate me for this post BUT it’s so, so necessary AND more importantly, if you being to think about it now, while Christmas 2022 is still in your mind, then you’re gonna make Christmas 2023 one whole lot easier!


Well, right now you can remember what in your sales campaigns worked really well for Christmas, but you won’t in a couple of months. Equally you’ll have forgotten what didn’t serve you well, and that’s a huge shame as you run the risk of repeating the same mistake again!! Who wants to go there?

Christmas Stollen, one wrapped, one sliced on a wooden board with some of the dried fruit ingredients beside. Preparing for Christmas with inviting images to make your customers feel hungry.

Prepare for Christmas with inviting images to make your customers feel hungry.

There are so many advantages to preparing for Christmas now, not least because
January is a great time to reflect on the last Christmas, but, it’s also a great time to pick up a few cheap bargain props in the sales that everyone will have forgotten exist by next Christmas. Don’t look this gift horse in the mouth, it’s golden!

What to think about in preparing for Christmas

We love to reflect on our goals and aspirations in January, but we don’t often hone in on precise details, mostly because we’ve forgotten …. But right now is a good time to look back and make some notes.
What worked well, what could have gone better, how much more could you have made of x, y or z? What plans do you already have for next year?

Draw up those plans now, think about what imagery you want for Christmas 2023 for instance:

  • replacement images for those you had that weren’t adequate this year
  • more or different images to ring the changes
  • what new products/menu ideas etc are you coming up with for next year – what will you need for them?
  • what will you need refreshing for printed catalogues?
  • what will you need for social media and newsletters?
  • what will you need for promotions?

Next set out timescales

Think about deadlines for when you’ll want imagery, what about any promotions in magazines or PR opportunities for instance? Remember these people plan well ahead and will be preparing in July time not last minute. You don’t want to miss the boat so ideally you’ll be shooting over the summer.

Think about when will work time-wise, consider fitting in around summer trade, staff holidays and so on. Weather may play apart too. Availability of produce can also be an issue, have you tried buying Turkey or Cranberries in June or July? Equally holly berries for decorative purposes aren’t going to be found then. If you are working with a seasoned professional food photographer they’ll have ways of dealing with this.

A Christmas Hamper laid with Turkey, beef, pies, wine, cheese ... the list goes on all delivered in a wicker basket.

It can take way longer than you think, to create hamper setups, so allowing enough time is crucial.

Think about how much time you’ll need, it’s easy to underestimate the time required to shoot things like this.

Consider things like drawing up a shoot plan for the actual shoot day(s), shopping for what you need in advance, and the timescales you have to work too, to create a plan that will work and can cater for the unexpected.

It may sound arduous but, don’t miss that opportunity to get ahead and prepare for Christmas 2023, your future self will love you! It’s never to soon to plan!

Trust me, I’ve been there. So many, many times.

Like some help preparing for Christmas and the year ahead?

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