Brand Photography is held by some as a new thing … however photography is a huge part of business branding and so often overlooked.

If you think that branding is solely to do with having a logo, a set of fonts and colours you’d not be alone. It’s a commonly held belief, however, it’s also a mistaken belief.

Your brand encompasses so much more. It’s about your whole business identity and how the world perceives it to be. It’s your website, your emails, the ways your words are written, your tone of voice, the way you answer the phone, your customer service and the list goes on and on. But crucially we think of the visual parts first like logos, fonts and colours and we very importantly we should never forget brand photography!

Why? Because … we as humans think visually, we make decisions based on what we see and our first impressions are lasting ones generally. You have less than 3 seconds to impress someone landing on your website for the first time, if they aren’t impressed they’ll be off and the chances are they won’t return. So you need to give prospective clients the very best first impression of you that you can. After all it may be your one and only opportunity to do so!

Excellent quality, consistent and professional brand photography is the key to helping you capture potential clients quickly. Why? Because via those images they will see that you pay attention to and appreciate detail, know the value of great presentation on a consistent basis and that you care deeply. These are all values that help the customer feel they can trust you even before they know much about your products or services. As people we like to think that we ‘know, like and trust’ before we buy. Great photography is great tool to help you achieve just that.

What is Brand Photography?

Basically Brand Photography is a collection of bespoke images used to represent your business visually, fit with your brand identity by way of colours, tones, scenes, props etc and provide you with a clear visual identity that sets you apart from others.

This should cover all your product photos, staff headshots, social media, blog, and PR images – basically anything that goes out in the name of your business. Basically all the things that make your business unique in the eyes of the world.
How you collate those images is up to you and lots of businesses choose to use stock photography. Here’s why I think that’s a bad idea.

The trouble with stock photography is that all you have to hand is a bunch of generic images that lots of other people have and use as well, so there’s nothing to differentiate you from the rest of the crowd. This makes creating your own visual impact nigh on impossible.

The other issue with using stock photography especially when it comes to food, drinks and product photography is that it’s not authentic, so ask yourself what message does that give to prospective clients? This last point is very valid with regards to AI generated imagery too.

Why is Branded Photography so important.

The importance of photography in branding cannot be underestimated. We just need to look at two large companies to get a clear idea of the importance of imagery to them.

The first is Apple, with their beautiful, clear, sharp images.  No dust, no fingermarks, perfect focus, perfect depth of field, shot to create a desire in you for their shiny, nice, expensive new things.  And it works!  Would it work or have the same impact if they showed you images of battered phones with grubby fingermarks all over?  NO!  Their imagery is about aspiring to be the best and attracting customers in.

Another example is M & S with their ’This is Not Just Food This is M & S Food’ campaign.   There can be few who’ve not come across this and again, the money spent on photography must literally have been worth it’s weight in gold several times over now.  Without those enticing images and beautiful food videos they’d not have had such an outstanding success.

Big business doesn’t buy photography because it can afford to, it buys it because it totally gets the need for it and understands the value of it.

Having the right images makes a huge difference to a business, it can set the tone and character of your entire business offering and can clarify your values to the outside world.

Coming next …. What makes great brand photography …

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