Another type of image that you really need in your image bank are seasonal shots and shots to cover awareness days. Not just any shot either!

Often people just choose some stock photography or take a quick iphone shot without thinking about it and assume it will do. What does that say about your business when everyone else and his wife are choosing that same stock image or your ‘actual’ image isn’t too hot and you wished there was time to stage it differently. Should you pull it? YES!!! DO IT NOW!!

Each and every image that goes out into the world carries your brand with it, good or bad. That’s quite a responsibility because actually every interaction with a client should be on brand. Had you even thought about that? Especially when it comes to photography?

Your images are very often people’s first impression of your business and they’ll connect them with your brand. If it’s not stand out good what does that say about your brand? Especially if you’ve paid out to have a great logo, branding and website but the images within it don’t back that all up!


Seasonal shots are a must have but ….

  • they need to be on brand
  • they need to tell the ‘right’ story
  • they need to suggest a need or an idea
  • they need to lead to buy in
Why? Because frankly that’s what the bottom line is all about.
Waffles and Fresh Fruit for outdoors summer breakfast - Sue Todd Photography

Lovely birthday or Mother’s Day Breakfast set up to appeal and set an idea in mind.

What do you need in the way of seasonal shots?

Here’s a list to get the juices flowing?
  • Christmas shots
  • New Year shots
  • Winter shots
  • Spring shots
  • Valentines shots
  • Mother’s Day shots
  • Father’s Day shots
  • Easter shots
  • Summer shots
  • Autumn Shots
  • Halloween Shots
  • Bonfire Night Shots
  • Winter Shots
  • Special occasions if they fit your brand such as St Patricks day, Burns Night, Chinese New Year, Thanksgiving …. and so on
Then … (you didn’t think I was done did you? ) there all all the awareness ‘days’ and there can be some gems in those depending upon what you do.

Here’s a few useful links on awareness days:

However don’t go all out to cover all of them, choose the ones that mean something to you or fit with your business.

So you have your list of seasonal shots, what next?

This is where you really need to think differently. Don’t just take a quick snap and think it will do – it will be obvious that, that is what you did – do you want potential customers to feel short changed before they even look to buy?
Colourful salad.

January is all about healthy eating …

What you need to think about  is what your customer is looking for, what pain are they trying to sort out and how can you help solve this problem for them?

If you’ve got an ideal gift for Mother’s Day or the perfect thing for a family picnic showcase that ideal scene don’t just choose some generic image that every one else is using. Don’t even just share a plain product image, create an image in context so that it immediately strikes a chord. Think about how you can make it different or provide a better experience. That’s what you need to get across.
Hopefully that’s given you some ideas for content.  This can all take some planning and thinking about,
While you may want to sell products/services sometimes you want to entertain, again, try and do it on brand, using something creative – again if this isn’t your forte leave it to your professional photographer.  Create something unique but which fits you and what you do.

How I  can help you with this?

If you’d like help with any of that, then here’s where to find me. It can cost less than you think to have all your imagery produced for you which of course then frees you up to do what you best!  A growing number of my clients now work with me on a retainer basis so that their costs are spread and they get regular new images to use across their website and social media.

Further Action:

Read my blog from last week about The Tools of your Trade and how to use them Or start at the beginning of the series What images do you need in 2021? If you’d like to work with me to get beautiful imagery for your business OR to find out more about my photography coaching, then get in touch. I work with people across Northumberland and the North East but also right across the UK  – its a simple matter to courier items to the studio and you can even have a quick remote peak at proceedings if you wish.

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