An all important thing to consider before commissioning photography is the image format that you need – landscape, portrait or square images or a mix?

It’s easy to think that all you need to do is just engage the photographer and hey presto it’s done and dusted.

Generally it’s something that comes out in discussion but it’s always a question I ask a client first.

Why do I ask about the image format needed?

A Gibson Cocktail being poured.

Here we have a Gibson Cocktail in the process of being poured. The portrait format suits this type of shot as there’s room to accommodate the pouring from a height. This wouldn’t work so well in a landscape format.

Well unless you know this, the whole shoot could be waste of time and money. If the client needs square images and you’d not taken this into account a good number of the shots you have may not square well and then you have an issue.

Likewise it may be that the images are needed for banners and so need to be landscape in format. Portrait shots can’t be adjusted to fit.

Again if you are producing marketing materials you may need portrait format images to fit into the copy well.

A Gibson Cocktail.

Here we have a square image format with the Gibson Cocktail nicely centred. This will work well for Instagram or perhaps on a cocktail menu.

If you are shooting for a client’s website you can’t assume that the format needs to be what you can see currently as unless you ask it could be that they are having an all new singing and dancing website designed with totally different needs for imagery.

Generally my clients need a mixture of formats and where appropriate, I will often take several shots of the same scene in each format and then also some with ‘white’ space. Images with white space are useful for marketing and social media where you want or need to add wording.

Often people think they just need one format, because that’s the main thing they need but if you also need banners or social media images then the format is important. So do yourself a favour and give some thought to image format at the outset.

Further Action:

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