2021 may not have started as we’d have wanted but its critical to make the most of it and that means having the best photography you can lay your hands on to market your business and maximise any and all opportunities.

Why? Because there’s going to be such a race to grab people’s attention as venues reopen. Don’t be back of the queue, be up there at the front proactive and ready for all opportunities, not lagging in the background, thinking ‘what if I fail?’ – Instead think about what might happen if you succeed!

I thought it would be useful to look at what you might need in the way of imagery for the year ahead. Its not always as straightforward as you might think.

So what do you need? To a certain extent it depends on your business, what you sell and how and what your target audience is looking for – the latter one being key! You have to produce images that reflect what your prospective customers are looking for or you are wasting time, money and effort.

  • Landscape/Square/Portrait shots
  • Context shots
  • Staff shots
  • Behind the scenes shots
  • Tools of your trade shots
  • Seasonal shots
  • Specific promotional shots
  • USP shots

That sounds quite the list doesn’t it? I don’t know how many times I’ve been asked for a price for one shot of each product. It always leaves me cold. I get that people want to be economic, but this is your marketing, the marketing of the thing you’ve devoted blood, sweat and tears too, surely it deserves a little more care and attention? Your photography is the thing that will get you, your business and your products seen and admired.

You can have the best restaurant, great staff and fabulous food, but it the images you put out there are second rate then the only thing that will sell you is word of mouth and frankly you can do so much better than that. Mouth watering images that make people hungry are the way to fill restaurants. Great images of your accommodation that makes people want to visit is the way to fill your hotel, guest house or B & B. Appealing images of drinks and cocktails are the key to getting people talking about and visiting your bar or products.

You have just seconds to capture someone’s interest online before they’ll left to examine the next site. What can you do to make them stay longer and have them want what you offer? Yes, you got it, fabulous, beautiful images and you can never have too many. Also one shoot will never, ever be enough, you have to ring the changes.

It’s a good idea to think ahead about what your needs for photography are, not just right now but over the weeks and months ahead. If your photographer know what you are going to need they’ll be able to come up with ideas for you that you may not have come up with otherwise!

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to deal with each type of imagery listed above one by one so that you can see the merits of each type and what it may do for you and indeed what you may be missing.  The first two are now there and the links are in the list above.

In the meantime if I can help you with this just get in touch here or over on LinkedIn.