Staff portraits can be a really key part of the imagery for your business, which is why they should figure in your imagery plans this year. Though probably like most people that’s not something you wanted to hear me say. I know few people enjoy being photographed. Though looking at all the selfies on Instagram you could be excused for feeling it’s only you that feels that way.

We’re odd us humans, we don’t like photos of us and hate the idea of others seeing them, but we’re happy enough to see and be seen by others.  Perhaps in that situation where there’s no mirror we’re able to forget they are seeing us just as they would in a photo?

But let’s think about it for a moment.

Envisage life when lockdown lifts, everyone will be wanting to get out and see friends and family they’ve not seen in person for months. So imagine they’ve decided that the chosen venue is between your restaurant and another one in town. They’ve decided they like the menu for both, but your competitor’s website is showing images of a great ambient atmosphere with happy, smiling, welcoming staff while your’s doesn’t feature staff at all.  Which one do you think are they going to chose?

Sometimes you want to show the team having fun as here with the team from Hepple Gin

Staff Portraits: The Hepple Gin Team on the moor – photography by Sue Todd Photography

People buy from people – how many times have you heard that? It’s so true though.  

This is why it is so important to have staff portraits on your website, so that people can get a feel for who is behind the company, so that they can begin to get to know you or even recognise you when you meet.  That last point is really key, and having up to date images is crucial here and can be very embarrassing otherwise.

Staff portraits or images showing staff at work can make a huge difference to how you are perceived as a business and even to sales, which since that relates directly to pay scales could be another reason for staff to get onboard with this.  

Lifestyle shots portraying staff at work are a really important part of your imagery.

This is Rhys Faulkner-Walford at work in the Kitchen at The Alnwick Gardens. Lifestyle staff portraits portraying staff at work are a really important part of your imagery.

You may love that picture from 10 or 20 years ago but if you looked completely different then, that’s not terribly useful for someone looking for you at a networking event! While networking events haven’t been part of the scene for a while they’ll be coming back soon, so it’s time to get your images updated.

Another great way to showcase staff portraits is showing people in context, or happily absorbed in their work.  This is a great way to convey what you do and how, and I’d also always suggest these form part of your portfolio of imagery. This also avoids the direct shots that people find difficult and you’re more likely to relax allowing the photographer to get some beautiful natural shots.

Sometimes its about understanding that it’s more than just you!  This is about the business not you personally even if its your business.  It’s your brand and it’s how you come across, whether you are a one man band or a team of players.

Victoria Watson greeting guests at The Alnwick Gardens Treehouse.

Victoria Watson greeting guests at The Alnwick Gardens Treehouse.

We all see ourselves every day in the mirror and then forget. We see people and know they see us, and we know deep down they see us as we see ourselves in the mirror but since we’re not seeing ourselves at that time then we feel a bit more comfortable with it. Once its a photograph for all to see, we think of it differently but why?? There are very few people who can’t take a good photograph, it’s a case of trusting in the process and the photographer and finding someone who ‘gets’ you and can work with you to create the images you want.

I tend to shoot tethered where possible for headshots so that people can see what we have, and we can retake as needed as its really important to me that you love the images.

It doesn’t have to be an ordeal, I help people to relax and feel comfortable indeed we generally have some fun too, because it’s when people relax that you get those special photographs that really say it all.  

So come on then, get those staff shots booked NOW!

Further Action:

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