It’s hard to believe that its almost Christmas and there’s only just over a month left before 2021 arrives! For many of us it’s been a hard old year and I’m guessing that for most everyone it’s not been the year you had planned by any means. But I’ll also guess you had planned for the year you expected ….

Tarte Tatin

Make 2021 a great year by investing in great imagery and taking the year by storm.

Well planning for 2021 needs to be done and no we don’t know what it will bring just as we had no idea that 2020 was going to be the year it has and really its just as well we didn’t know in advance, can you imagine what hell that would have been then?

So …. have you got plans for next year? I know I have, I’ve got an overall plan for where I want to be and I’ve got some back up plans too, Plan B, Plan C … I have to have back up plans anyway because as a photographer you need them as shoots funnily enough don’t always go to plan and you have to come up with a Plan B on the hoof quite often.

Creating scenes to suit the needs of a client.

Creating a scene and styling a shot to suit the clients brand is a key part of my work and should be a key part of any strategy for 2021.

What most people do …

They lay out a strategic plan, maybe a series of 90 day plans designed to deliver their dreams it’s all on paper and nicely laid out with tick boxes to mark off progress. Now all of that is a great idea and exactly right. BUT what they often do then is not to change things up enough to make the difference.

Whether you want to grow your business, re-establish it or start anew we have a very busy marketplace to work in and being seen isn’t easy. You have about 3 seconds to catch attention on social media – that’s not long is it? If you aren’t seen, people won’t know you are there and your plans won’t come to fruition. That’s not ideal is it?

Most people at this point decide to whip out a mobile phone and up the number of images they take in an effort to flood social media and get seen.

BUT (you knew they’d be a but right?)

  • Are the images good enough?
  • Do they give the right message?
  • Are they aimed at the right market audience?
  • Are they consistent in appearance, light, messaging?
  • Do they show your business in the best possible way?
  • Do the colours gel?
  • Is the composition right?
  • Are they on brand?

If they don’t then there’s a huge problem as not only are they not getting attention, but they run the risk of putting out the wrong message and turning people away. I’m guessing that’s not what you want to have happen? Remember great images are created not just quickly snapped. Right?

That’s where I come in!

I produce beautiful, mouthwatering images that will stop people in their tracks and make them hungry for your food and drinks. Images that will increase your social media interaction and produce those growth inducing sales ….

I can help you put together a creative plan for 2021 that ensures you have imagery all year to tie in with your sales strategy and promotions, imagery that does tell the right story to your ideal audience, that portrays your USP, that makes people want what you offer.

Have a look at some of the ways of working with me here.  See how my work is received by others over on LinkedIn, then reach out and give me a call to explore how I can help you kick off 2021 to a great start with some fabulous imagery to showcase your brand and some imaginative ideas to uplift your social media and sales.