All successful businesses have a USP (Unique Selling Point), what’s yours? Are you making the most of it?

Do you make sure the world knows what your USP is?

Do your prospective customers know what it is?

All to often a USP isn’t well defined and its not shouted about, maybe because here in the UK we don’t like to shout out loud about ourselves. But the thing is if you don’t do it, why should anyone else? It’s taken me more years than I care to remember to be able to say this is me and I’m a bloody good photographer in fact I’m an award winning photographer. Why we do this to ourselves I’ve no idea looking back.

When your USP is just how golden the yolks of your very fresh eggs are, then you need to do them justice.

When your USP is just how golden the yolks of your very fresh eggs are, then you need to do them justice. The Good Egg Fellas.  

Not only should you be be declaring your USP out loud and often, you should be showcasing your USP in images.

Wondering how on earth to showcase your USP? Read on.

If your table service is the best in the area, then you need images that show happy staff and delighted guests enjoying their time with you.  If the ambience in your restaurant  beats anything for miles around, you need to showcase that USP.

If your bread dough is the best in the area because you use a special ancient family recipe then you need images to get this across.

Doddington Dairy Double Ginger Ice-cream, illustrating their USP

If you happen to produce the most delicious Double Ginger Ice Cream from the depths of beautiful Northumberland then you need to showcase it. Doddington Dairy do just that with beautiful images created especially for them by Sue Todd Photography.

If you have scores of awards for your food then you need to be showcasing this.

My USP is that I make people feel hungry with every shot I take. I guarantee that if someone isn’t happy with their images then I’ll do them again. I know that what I do provokes interest, makes people hungry and increases social media interaction. For my clients that means an increase in sales too. I share images showcasing and demonstrating the care I take on each and every shoot constantly.

If you don’t have imagery showcasing your business’s USP you are missing a treat because you should be shouting about this on a regular basis.


Further Action:

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